Able activator essays

1.Statement of purpose

Describe what are your expectations for the program, what do you want to achieve and why is that important for you? Please make sure to highlight how your skills, experience, and other qualities make you a strong candidate for the program. In addition, please explain how, if selected, you would utilize the skills and knowledge acquired during the program to achieve your long-term career goals and to contribute to Bulgaria's
economic growth: (Essay 300 - 500 words)
By applying for Able Activator, I want to take my leadership skills to the next level and challenge myself by being in a new and exciting environment that will boost my creativity. I expect to meet inspiring people during the program with which to work on shared ideas in the future. I know that working with experienced and brave people will enhance my imagination and open new doors of perception.

Two years ago, I became interested in leadership and took part in ABLE as an intern for a few months. This was the time when ABLE was starting their rebranding. I worked closely with the board of ABLE on various projects. At the same time I started my internship at where we worked together to provide the most adequate visual identity for ABLE. This experience inspired me to continue working with aspiring individuals and look for interesting opportunities to develop my talents.

The summer of 2018, I participated in an art festival happening in Spain, where with a friend we organized our own camp. Main themes were art and being present. We acted on our ideas to gather people from different countries who share our vision for an artistic and mindful camp. We wanted to exchange cultural experiences and enrich each other's lives. We approved applications and made a good team of 30 very diverse, aspiring and creative people. I took the initiative to be the leader of the art team because I assumed it is a great opportunity to test my leadership qualities and management skills. Before the event, the main communication was happening over mails and chats because the members were from different parts of the world. I feel proud of that experience since I explored my abilities through real practice. I was leading the team with kindness and understanding while being very involved in the project. Furthermore, I wish to support more artistic people on the way discover their potential and make them work together in a unified direction, sharing common beliefs and goals.

The driving force of my life is art and my dream is to combine it with entrepreneurship and provide social and cultural value. My strong belief is that the best way to learn things is by doing them. The skills acquired during the program, I will develop further in my communication with people and in my work as an artist and designer.
Able activator essays

2.Entrepreneur Manifesto

Why is it important for you to be an entrepreneur?
Describe an idea in the area of entrepreneurship, leadership or civil society(if you have any) that you would like to develop in the future. Why would you like to start such type of аn initiative? (300-500 words)
I find my work as a designer to be very pleasant. Often, we are presented with challenging cases that require facilitation and innovation in order to build a successful visual communication. Decision-making and self-leadership is a big part of our job. I enjoy working with diverse people while exchanging experiences and ideas. My goal is to develop my international relationships and surround myself with creative individuals who will contribute to Bulgaria's future economy.

My strong desire is to focus on the development of the cultural entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. As I am very passionate about art, I conclude that entrepreneurship is the best way to sustain it and make it impactful. Moreover, creativity and innovation are the main drivers of knowledge economy. With the fast development of new technology and the globalization, we must be more innovative in our approaches in the business models. In addition, culture entrepreneurship gives the possibility for the realization of personal creative energy. This will inspire young artists to grasp their potential, while in the meantime, will enrich the market and contribute to the overall economic growth. Subsequently, the development of a creative and cultural industry will not only enlarge the intellectual property. The contribution in this sector will sustainably support the creation of a city of the future, often quoted as a Smart city. As a
consequence of both urbanization and digital revolution, working towards a more intelligent and green cities in Bulgaria is the next step.

Incorporating more technology, talent and tolerance in the working approach will provide a higher quality of life for the constantly growing cities. A more developed creative industry will attract a more "creative class". I know that I have the mindset to attract and inspire the right people that also believe in these ideas. My motivation lies in the belief that I am not just an observer in the society of Bulgaria, but an active participant. In order for change to happen,
I must take the necessary action.
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