FlipBook Recipe

A Flipbook also known as Flickbook, is a book made out of series of pictures which gradually change when pages are turned rapidly.

Ingredients to an awesome Flipbook:

• Cards or A6 size cut paper
• Clips
• Light source to trace your drawing and make slight changes(phone, window, light table)
• Anything to draw (pens, markers)

• Something you want to animate

If you've never made a Flipbook before you can start with something as simple as a wave, smile or a moving ball. Here I made an example of a ball movement entering the page from the right.

Make sure to trace small movements and apply changes on each page, they should be gradual. You will probably need a lot more that 5,6 pages, in my flipbook the pages are more than 50. Also, in order to be able to flip it properly you can put more empty pages front and back.

For my flip book I started with the end design and moved backwards to the point it disappears.

Ok great! Now you can make your own Flipbook. And don't be shy, show me the result! Find me in the social media or send me a message!
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