September 2019 -

Lora Shtirkova in Málaga, ES

Daily entries during my Erasmus studies.
28 October – 03 November 2019
28.10, Monday
Today I woke up around 9:30. Last night I worked until late to finish my blog articles. I published and shared link to my blog today for the first time. I was a bit nervous but I am happy. My problem is I overthink sometimes. I just have to do it.

Danny sent me a message he's going for a coffee and prepared myself to go out. I took my computer and met him at Mia. I showed him my articles. We shared an Aeropress coffee and had some sweets. After that we went to a Brekfast bar and chatted for some more time. (We met at 10:30 at Mia and were together in the Breakfast bar until 2.) We left at 2 and I went back home quickly, published my website and went to school for Dorado. I stayed until 5. We had an appointment in the School with Txus, Danny and Terello. We went for quick lecture in the class of Pepe and then in the library Txus explained us again the use of the white space. It is very hard to keep the rhythm and do that. I am so happy to know him but also today I feel exhausted from all the information.

At 8:30 I left the School with Danny and we went for a really good vegetarian Kebab. I had the best Falafel in my life. We sat in front of Cervantes Teatre. There was a Tango group and we enjoyed looking at them while having our dinner. We also discovered a painted wall with letters that was actually showing Picasso in his different stages of life. Just some time before we didn't even see there were letters. It was such a beautiful moment!

Around 9 pm we found a Teteria because we needed something sweet. We had really good cakes and delicious hot chocolate. Around 11 pm I was at home already. I can't fall asleep now and it 02:17 so I am writing. I didn't go to yoga because it was New Moon.

29.10, Tuesday
I went to school at 3 for Animation and then I was in the Dorado class. I saw Pablo briefly. I didn't have breakfast and for lunch I had a boiled egg with salad. It felt too much food from the previous day. And in the evening we went with Danny to Kawai and had Poke bowls which were absolutely huge. I overate. Then we went for a tea in the Teteria. Danny gave me a present. A pen to write with. I will miss him. He brought such good things here. I am happy he came and we discovered many things together.

I went back home around 11:30. I was tired but chatted briefly with Ricardo and Melissa. Then I went back to my room and made my bed. I was ready to sleep but also to write some articles.

30.10, Wednesday
Today I woke up at 8:45. I felt very tired in the morning but I quickly went to yoga and did half the practice. I was in a hurry to meet Danny and Hansi, at Mia coffee bar at 10:30. Still my practice was good.

I introduced them and we had a nice chat for an hour, talking about coffee, typography, cyrillic and Telmo Dice.

It was time to go. Danny was leaving today. I am grateful for his presence here. He has a very nice energy and I felt more integrated after he left for Belgium. Thank you Danny, for visiting and sharing the Type conference and a few good coffees with me!

31.10, Thursday
First thing in the morning was Yoga. I felt good, I slept really well last night, I went to bed at 12 and woke up at 8:30. That was a good amount of sleep!

The yoga was really nice. I came back home, I worked on my letters for my new font and sent them to my mentors. Javi replied to continue with them and to vectorise them in Glyphs in the following class, so I did that. I vectorised them all. I should continue and draw more letters now and think about the details and the specifics. I am thinking to make more variations too.

On the side of the information graphics, I am a little far behind. I decided on my theme only yesterday, so it will be about strange Art pieces. I like the theme because it will give me the possibility to write more about Art later and what is Art today, I will have to do enough research about it. I am very happy with the day.

I went also to Dorado to work on the sculpture and finish it a bit more. I also saw how to make a temple a huevo, really beautiful things can be done.

Then I had information graphics. Basically, I read a lot and talked to my classmates, Hansi and Marina.

After classes, I left with Pablo from school and we went towards home. We bought beer on the way and tickets for the cinema. After that we came to the apartment to leave our things, it was Halloween and there was a party at home for which we didn't stay. We had an hour or something before the movie and went to drink a beer in a bar. We were late for the movie a bit, which I didn't like as much because the jokes were too exaggerated.
1.11, Friday
I woke up at 9:30 and stayed in bed longer. We had a day off from school. I went for an early coffee and then tried to go to the store but it was closed. Here they really respect the celebration days, I think it was a religious one, there was a parade on the street too.

I came back home, finished an article from last week and went to the beach.

(The last week and a half I was more or less out of the apartment and didn't see the people. So I had to socialise a bit. Here this is something I learn a lot. To socialise and to spend quality time with friends. So it is nice to ask how we are doing and do something together even if we don't have many shared hobbies. The experience of living together itself is something big in common already. I am making an effort to get back in the group because I was saying no too many times to their invites.)

We were at the beach all day. Then we went in Indian restaurant and with Daya we split a menu. (It was more than enough for me and it was 5 euro each.) Later, around 23:30 we went out as there was a music in the garden/park just next to our house.

Today I woke up at 10 and I slept really good. My Bulgarian friend D., wrote me to see me because she was feeling sad and lonely.

We went together to Lidl and I think I bought too much food for the week. Now I don't have to go to the store probably for more than a week. Only for little things. I ate mango for lunch and then D. came again and we cuddled and hugged, we had a sharing time. She deserves someone to treat her with respect. Then Annie came and we all hugged and talked.

Filippo knocked on my door and proposed to cook some pasta. We all agreed. No is 4:30 and I am starting to work finally. In the evening we are cooking together again. So I should start now. I am happy.

The pasta was really good. After we ate I went to my room and worked. At 8 we cooked together wit the girls - curry. It was me, Annie, Dayana, Melissa. For dinner our roommates joined. It was really delicious and nice. After dinner we went to the park to listen to some music because it was the day of Los muertos.
I went back home around 12 or 1 and fell asleep around 3.

Today I woke up at 8/9. I was thinking to go to yoga but I didn't. Instead I stayed home and started doing work early. I ate leftover couscous for lunch. In the late afternoon I went out to the Thyssen museum with Mirti and Valentina to see the Arab exhibition but it wasn't anything very special. I had more or less a quiet day and didn't socialise too much.

Later, I stayed at home and Melissa cooked for us. Everybody was out on a fiesta so we had the house to ourselves. It was wonderful. She made tortillas and we laughed a lot.

Going to bed, is 12:15.

21 October – 27 October 2019
21.10, Tuesday
Today I woke up around 8, I had a dream but I don't remember it. I had to get up. I was very tired, I fell asleep around 2 last night. I have became very sensitive to the noise around me. On Saturday I was able to sleep like a baby because there was no one in the house. Anyways, I woke up, I made coffee and tea. I did the laundry and came back to my room to work on a project.

I didn't go to yoga in the morning. I cooked potatoes for lunch. I went out around 2:30 for school. I passed through the copy center to make print some fonts that I need to learn to do for the Typography class. Then went to class - Interactive design where we had 3 hours of classmates presenting their projects. It was a lot. I saw Pablo after that in the break and we briefly talked. I was happy. I went to the art shop to buy some materials.
I bought a new pencil! Kohinoor. To draw my letters!

I went to yoga in the evening. It was good! I was able to concentrate well in the first part of the practice. Only at the end when the backbend and the dropback came, I lost my balance and almost fell from the dropping back. Suddenly I started thinking too much! What if I fall down. What if when have done it well before.. would i be able to do it again.. will i fall at a point again? I was thinking so much. I lost balance. Patricia, my teacher, asked me what's going on, why I think so much. She said just go, just do it with one breath. I feel like I do that in my life too. As if I go go go.. and then start thinking too much and lose the moment, miss it. Because I am scared. Patricia was with me, next to me, guiding me. I am happy for this discovery. But wow!
22.10, Tuesday
Today I woke up at 6:30 unintentionally in the morning and couldn't fall asleep. Only back at 8:30 I did. I was excited about Malaga Type that is happening this Friday! I woke up thinking about my website and how I should follow Pedro Arilla's example of daily entries. This really motivated me to RE-start my daily entries, I missed two weeks of doing it. :(

I ordered a second had Mac and should receive it tomorrow. I change my PC because I need to work in Glyphs for my fonts! And Glyphs is only for Mac. At 10:30 I woke up again .. slowly started my day. With a little bit of coffee. And my back was hurting, I supposed from the yoga last night and also my period will be coming these days.. My sleep is really bad lately.

After that I worked on my flipbook, that was for today. I went to Dorado too and started a new painting on a glass. Then I passed through the second hand shop on my way here, I bought a light jacket and a sweater. It was getting colder! And I went back to return some pants that were broken!

I went to see Dayana on the third floor, we had a chat. And then at home I talked with Ricardo. I am ready to sleep now. Tomorrow I have a talk with Boril at 9, probably I should be fresh. I didn't go to yoga today because my body feels very tired. I hope there won't be any problems with the Mac and the battery will be ok. Anyways, if there is anything I can return it in the next 14 days. I can use it for the workshop with Rainer at Malaga Type's Glyphs workshop on Friday. Which is good.

I am thinking that it is a good idea to observe my sleeping habits. Maybe this will be interesting infographic. Now is 12:05. Last night I went to bed at 1, but fell asleep at 2. Now I ate late as well! It is late?? And when I got into my room I ate cashews. Is it possible that food can influence your sleep? I can't really sleep if i am hungry for example. Even sometimes I eat when I can't fall asleep.

23.10, Wednesday
I waited all day for my Mac to arrive and I was at home. I skipped classes, I was very tired. It didn't arrive today. Tomorrow. Ok.

Danny arrived though! A Belgian friend from Typoclass. He is coming to Malaga Type. We went out around 8 and had a nice Tapas dinner. It was nice to see him. It was as if nothing changed. At Typoclass we became really good friends.

We walked around in the evening and had a beer in a bar. He was walking me back home around 23 o'clock when we bumped into all my roommates on the street. They were going out, so we joined them. We were in a rock bar that we all really liked. I went back home with Melissa around 1:30.

24.10, Thursday
Today was an interesting day. I woke up around 9:30, I didn't sleep very well. I was at the house all morning, waiting for my Mac to arrive again. Finally, it came at 1:30. Then I was off to University to sign the learning agreement with my coordinator. After that I saw Anna and Pablo from school. And I went to Tipografia which is my favourite subject. I realised I have forgotten my USB last week somewhere .. or so I think because I cannot find it at home.. I have a lot of things on it. I hope it comes out of somewhere..

I was really nervous at class because of that. I had worked on one of the tasks and now I didn't have anything. My class finished at 5 so I went to yoga. I had a really good practice.. I didn't practice for two days because my back hurt.

Today I did the lotus pose again and next time I will try doing Garbha Pindasana with Patricia, my teacher. This will be my first time trying it. Today I was a bit cautious with my back. I did the drop back anyways but with more attention and more warm up. It is very challenging. I was doubtful again, will I be able to do it? Thinking too much. But somehow now that I know the pattern I can confront it.

After that I went back to school for Infographics class. We didn't do much, I have to do more investigation on the next project we have for November. Then I went back home, had a quick dinner, went upstairs to see Dayana and then went out to see Danny and Rainer at a cafe nearby.

Me and Danny stayed for 2 hours looking at Rainer, writing on the wall, trying his lettering skills. It was very nice. The lady was also very sweet, called Anna. I will go there for a breakfast and to work on my font or something. Anna is from Ecuador. She was very tired and wanted to go home but Rainer wanted to finish his letters. Read my article here. When we left, on the way back we saw Pedro Arilla on the street and we were able to meet him with Danny. Pedro said Krista, a bulgarian Typographer that works with him in Fontsmith, told him I will be at the conference. I am super excited about tomorrow. We will go with Danny to Rainer's workshop in the morning on Glyphs. And we will meet more type designers! Reeeeally exciting! I go to bed. It is 1:20 now. But first. Some letters. I didn't write any today. Practice, practice, practice and all is coming.

25.10, Friday
The big day of Malaga Type!
We arrived with Danny at Fabrica Victoria, where we are taking a workshop on Glyphs with Rainer. It will be around 2 hours. We will learn how to animate an icon in Glyphs.

Rainer made a joke about his name: Sorry for my name, it is the hardest to pronounce in the world of typographers.
On the workshop we met Pascal from Lebanon who is living in Madrid. He is working mainly with Arabic type! Wow! His type foundry is 29lt. For lunch we went to the bar we were yesterday where Rainer made his first lettering on a board. He spend more than 2 hours writing on the black board. We had lunch with Danny there - tortilla de patatas and then I had quinoa and orange juice. We went for specialty coffee at Mia and had really good time. I took some time doing sketches for the Typography class. We shared one filter or air press coffee, banana bread and chocolate cake. And then I had matcha latte. Just a bit of time to rest and leave our things before the conference. We took the bus again. That day was amazing! And the next few days were a blast too!
30 September – 06 October 2019
01.10, Tuesday
I was doubtful about having my website. Buying domain, writing, having a blog. What the use would be? I talked to Boril and I made a decision. I bought the domain the same day, paid my account on Tilda. Now I knew things are serious. I had to start writing my articles! My goal was to have at least 3 before publishing.

University started last week, it was more or less relaxed, slowly it is getting more serious. I might be wishing for the relaxed time I had the first two weeks. My biggest challenge now is listening all the time Spanish. The Andalusian accent is so difficult! Because they shorten the words and don't pronounce the S at the end.

I have classes every day, starting at 3, and finishing at 9:30(except for Monday and Tuesday). It is very demanding being at school 5 days, 6 hours. This is a big difference between my university and this one, in my university you have the "freedom" to go to class or skip. Which has its good and bad sides. Here is obligatory to be in class, like in school. Because it is a school. I assume that's why the classes finish so late, too. In the morning the students are studying and the superior studies are in the afternoon. Another different thing is that here, I have one class twice a week, so one day I have theory, another day working on the project. We have deadlines and in the end we present. I still am not opening my mouth very much, I feel kinda slow and like an outsider, but not too much. Like a slow developed kid because of the language barrier. Jajajaj. -> this is Hahaha in Spanish.

Presentations are very important in the school. Knowing how to present and speak in front of people is something they expect from everyone to try and learn. We all have anxiety speaking in front of people. Only with time might get better.

Last week I had - Infographics, Animation and Interactive Design.

I decided not to go for the Web design because it seems too hard and demanding, with the learning of some programming languages too. First I would like to learn Spanish.

In the animation class we have to make a Flipbook as a first assignment. I already have a homework for the Infographics, and in the Interactive Design we did some experiments, talking, thinking and presentations. Interactive Design is a bit challenging too because there is a lot of talking and explaining. I had an Ice cream that day to soothe myself.

5.10, Saturday
That day was very long. After school we were at home with my roommates. We went to Camden around 23 o'clock. Camden is a bar for Erasmus students. I am starting to get sick of it. We drank. We went to a club where I didn't like the music so much. Here almost everywhere is Raeggeton. I went back home around 5 am.

The next day I was feeling very bad and sad, angry. I felt like I crossed my own boundaries. But I still had limits. Which is good.

I don't want to drink and have that kind of fun. Not drunk and forgetful or regretful. I prefer meeting people and talking about meaningful things. Or dance to the music I like. I have to rest today. Tomorrow I am going to Surf!

06.10, Sunday
First Surf experience at Beautiful El Palmar! Read here
23 September – 29 September 2019
23.09, Monday
Today is the day when I start my classes. I went to school but I was so confused with the schedules, the rooms and the spanish. I was only looking around and asking desperately where should I go. First day was very messy. Also my schedule starts almost every day at 15 o'clock and finished around 21:30. Late night classes.
I was supposed to have first class in the evening Web design. However, there was an exhibition in the gallery of the school and everybody was there. The teacher was very relaxed. The first week was all about starting with an overview of what will be studied in the course.

24.09, Tuesday
Slowly I am getting to know where to go in the school. I feel very shy to ask in Spanish sometimes. I have to double check my words all the time in the dictionary. Same for the room, the teachers. People don't speak much English here so I don't really have a choice. For now I go to the Golden class(Dorado). We started making a sculpture today. Also, I had Introduction to Animation. I liked the teacher. I met my classmates from the 4th year. It is a group of 12-15 people.

25.09, Wednesday
I went to yoga in the morning and then prepared for my first class of Design of Infographics. I was very curious about it. It was again only and introduction. One of my classmates added me to a WhatsApp group. Slowly I feel integrated. I do feel a bit awkward and nervous. I believe the sun helps me feel better.

26.09, Thursday
In the morning I still go to yoga. I have hard time sleeping but I seem to manage the time well for now. First class was Interactive Design, where we will be studying about UX and UI and we'll have to work on our own app. After this class, I had one hour class of Retorica and finally again Design of Infographics.

27.09, Friday
This week was dedicated to Fashion Design. Also in the school there was a presentation from a brand identity studio in Madrid that also does Fashion Design. I went to it but it was hard to understand most of it. In the evening I went to my first Fashion defile, organized by the school, 5 min away from my apartment. More than 20 students showcased their collections. The place was full and everything was professional.

28.09, Saturday
Saturday, I didn't do much. Only relaxed and did some shopping for tomorrow. We have a trip to Granada tomorrow so is more or less a relaxed day. We have to get up very early tomorrow.
16 September – 22 September 2019
16.09, Monday
Could't sleep well last night but I woke up early and went straight to yoga at 8:30. I was thinking a lot during practice but I tried to come back to the breath. I noticed I had collected a lot of impressions during the weekend. But the practice was nice. Patricia came to assist me for the dropback which scares me a lot.

Today is the first day of university. I am so excited! I have to be at the university at 1, probably we'll make the program and meet other Erasmus students, potentially some teachers too. From my apartment is 16 minutes to the university. So I am heading that way now. FIRST SPANISH DAY!

I met my Erasmus coordinator and other Erasmus students. At the meeting I learned that the institution is a school actually and not a university. Which doesn't bother me in any way. The coordinator tries to speak English. I asked him what are the conditions for me to stay in the school next semester and when should I ask and he said, that I can stay without any problem.The meeting was good and informative. I spent almost 3,4 hours there. What I noticed with the other Erasmus students was that most of them don't know any Spanish.

After the meeting in the school, we went with a few colleagues то a Curry place for a quick beer. We went for an opening at 17:30 in the school again.

In the evening there was an Erasmus gathering in Camden which seems to be a bar specially for Erasmus students. There was free Sangria and Paella that night. I had maybe three glasses of Sangria and I tried the paella but I asked them not to put meat in it. It was delicious. I practiced a lot of Spanish yesterday. And I saw Antonio Banderas on the street!!!! That was craaazy. He is living here in Málaga and has a famous restaurant that I still haven't been to called El Pimpi.

After Camden we came home and then after we went to have an ice cream and on the top of the city in the direction of Gibralfaro.

My nose piercing seems to be infected and I was a bit worried this morning. After yoga I bought antibacterial spray.. I hope it goes away.

My School
17.09, Tuesday
Today I was supposed to go to university at 3 for Design of Infographics. However, I understood that my classes are only going to start next week. Why?! Nobody told me that!

I asked in their office what is going on and where should I have a class. They told me that the classes for the Superior studies are starting next week and this week is only for the students. So, I had another week without classes. I wondered what to do. I really don't like wasting my time. I went in another class that our coordinator told us about – Dorado. Which is part of the Restavration program there. Basically, working with gold. I didn't have anything else to do, so I stayed in that class.

In the evening, I went with two roommates to the supermarket to buy some food. We cooked together after. I made rice and vegetable curry and they prepared meat(which I didn't eat of course, because I am a vegetarian.)
Then we played some fun game with cards. The house was absolutely full. I went our for a late walk and came back very late. I was in bed around 2.

18.09, Wednesday
I didn't feel so good in the morning. I didn't sleep much but I was feeling fresh and still went to yoga. I was able to stand up from the backbend for the first time today. The second time I hit my head. I felt very vulnerable but Patricia, my teacher told me is okay and part of the practice. The third time she did it with me.

In the afternoon I went to the school for the Dorado class where we started making pur sculpture. It was very fun and I really like the teacher. I speak almost every day in Spanish.

I feel pressure to go out every night here. I want to sleep !!! And I want to practice yoga in the morning. And I want my classes to start already!!!
Later this evening I am going out with my roommates to Camden where there is an Erasmus party. It's so crazy. Everything. Is hard to live with all my priorities and keep up with this pace of going out every night, but I won't drop them. I am a bit sad because I haven't written any calligraphy lately.

I didn't go out in the end. I stayed at home and talked to a roommate. He shared with me how when he got here last year after living alone in Toronto he had to get out of his shell. Because it is a big apartment and it is unavoidable bumping into people. We talked about the group and the shared living in the apartment. I observe I am slowly adapting to the group. This is already my second week here. It is getting better.

First days here were a bit tough. I was trying to stay in my room, close the door, sneak in and out. Now I like when I get out of my room to see the roommates, to talk and laugh. To cook, get out together. It is fun.

19.09, Thursday
Today I cooked today some vegetables and when Ri. came back from work, the others were still sleeping, around 1 o'clock. I asked him if he wants to eat and he said yes! Feels good sharing. Even if I don't know who I am going to eat with. Making food and sharing it with someone brings you closer.

After we ate together we played Exploding Kittens. I am slowly getting used to being around people, opening the door of my room which is like a code that , cooking together, spending time. I was so used to do things by myself in Bulgaria, at points I have felt lonely. Now I really am able to find the joy in sharing with others and in general just being around people.
In the afternoon, I went to school to work on my sculpture, it turned out we were late with an hour, wrong schedule. It was very fun! I really like working with my hands.

On my way back to home we went with some more Erasmus students to the Chinese shop)They sell everything in those stores here!) and bought some materials for the class. The class is about experimenting, testing and playing, we don't think much, we just create. It is playful. I am very curious what will be the result at the end. The process is interesting too. I like the teacher a lot, she is very patient with us. My other Erasmus classmates don't speak Spanish and I am the translator. Which works for me because I get to practice double.

On the street I found 5 euro. For the second time. I feel lucky!
Passing through Plaza de la Merced I found a great second hand shop and I bought a beautiful dress, bohemian style for 5 euro. Got back home and went with my italian roommates to get tickets for Gibraltar for this Saturday.

I reserved tickets for me and Dayana for a Surfing lesson in October. Shared experiences is what I am learning a lot here.
After that we went to the store to buy onions and potatoes and we shared them after.
We went back home and ate together. With two other roommates, we wanted to go to Language exchange but there weren't enough people in the place. So, instead we went on a terrace for a drink, on the top of a hostel with a nice view to the cathedral. I came back home around midnight.

20.09, Friday
This morning I wanted to sleep a bit more, but I got up and went to a led Ashtanga class at 9. I stayed only for the half primary of it and went to school for a presentation. There was a welcoming speech for the the graphic design department. I am so excited to start on Monday finally!

I got coffee at the caffeteria for 1 euro and passed through Mercado de la Merced.
For lunch I am cooking with the Italians and we ate together. Later we might go to the beach for volleyball and at 5 I go to university to continue creating.

21.09, Saturday
That day we woke up very early to go to Gibraltar. It was very cold in the morning at 7. I went with my two italian roomates.
I went with two Italian roomates. We woke up very early to get the bus from Malaga. Going with 200+ Erasmus students. The trip was around 2 hours and by the time we got there the weather was getting a bit better because the morning felt really cold. Read more about the trip here.
When we got back from G. we were tired. We walked a lot and it was a very hot and sunny day. When we got back though, we decided we will go out, also there was a party in our apartment organized by one of the roommates.
22.09, Sunday
On Sunday I was very tired. It rested the whole day.
10 September – 16 September 2019
10.09, Tuesday
The day when I arrived in Málaga. The flight was ok and this time I wasn't feeling anxious. I knew where I was going, I knew the path to my apartment from the airport because I came in July. I arrived around 5. When I reached the city it was 6. I met my landlord and settled in. It was already a bit late, so the only thing I did was to go to the supermarket to buy some things for dinner. However, here people are on the streets in the center until very late – 2,3 am in the morning. I have one week until first classes start. One week to explore and to get ready for an awesome year.
11.09, Wednesday
First day waking up in my new home, in a new bed. The tasks for today were clear – buy new sheets, walk around and buy more food. In the evening I went to the Ashtanga Yoga Málaga where I was planning to start practicing. I payed for the whole month. This is one of the first things I did. Find where I can continue my yoga practice. I didn't bring my yoga mat with me because it is heavy and big. I will buy one here eventually.

12.09, Thursday
I went to yoga today in the morning. My practice was very good. I still have pain on my left leg in the hamstring. The teacher Patricia seems very nice person. The shala was full. Probably 17 people came today. I am very happy to be here. Tomorrow I will go to a led class. I haven't been in a long time. Not even once when Christopher Conn was teaching in Sofia for the summer.
After yoga I went to buy a pan for cooking and came back home. I arranged some things here, wrote a bit. What I want is to start again my calligraphy practice. That's why for tomorrow I have set up my things so that I know they wait for me on the desk. I need to start and practice. Just like I do with yoga. Otherwise I get good, but I get a few steps backwards and then I have to start working from from backwards.
I went to the beach for a walk and read some of the Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. I went more to the northern side of the beach. I also went to Lidl for some shopping. My roommates seem like good people. They are cool, we chatted briefly.
13.09, Friday(lucky)
08:00, Today I woke up very early and I was mad. What should you do if you have absolutely very noisy and disrespectful roommates?

My room is just in front of the living room. This means I get to hear everything. My roommates gather late during the night and it is very challenging to sleep. I was able to fall asleep last night and I was happy. But then I woke up at 2 in the morning because of the noise. Should I try to tell them to lower down their voice? That I am trying to sleep? I had my earplugs on and then I had to put on some music to fall back asleep. I am very grumpy this morning, and of course everybody is sleeping. I am not very happy with that. I am not a light sleeper but my sleep seems to be easily bothered. Especially if people are noisy. Maybe I should tell them next time. Might not work, but also it might. I am worried that if I ask them to be more quiet they will just be more noisy on purpose.
However it is my right to sleep.

21:40, I went to yoga today, it was a led class. A bit tiring. I am so happy I found this place to go to. This way I keep my practice, I will get to know the yogic community here and integrate better. I signed up for a month and the teacher Patricia today told me I have a very good practice and she asked me who did I learn from. I said Christopher Conn. In the shala there is another lady – Erika, she was there the first time I went. She was very kind to me. The Ashtanga yoga community here is big. Yesterday it was a very full morning class - 17 people came. Just as in Bulgaria, I can feel the dedication of the students already.

I am going almost every day to the store after yoga. When I come back home around 11 the house is still very quiet, people are sleeping until late.
I stayed in the house, I cooked and talked with one Italian, M. He asked me if I wanted pasta, but I was already cooking. And then later the Italian girl gave some rice she made. That was kind.

At a point in the afternoon I felt very low and anxious. There was an hour and half until my weekly talk with Boril, my mentor and teacher from Bulgaria. Quickly, I went out straight the beach and rested for some time. The warmth of the sand, the sun and the sea made me feel better. I breathed for a bit and on the way back home I already felt much better.

Then I talked to Boril for around 2 hours.

I cleaned my room, actually it was kinda dirty even though it seemed clean. The other day I bought sheets, pan, and a blanket. I like to have my own things and make it more like home here. I will be living for some time so why not make it nice?! Monday, I go to university to make the program, see the coordinator and start the hard work!

14.09, Saturday
Today I slept good and there was no loud roommates in front of my door. Maybe because I mentioned to some of them that I couldn't sleep last night because of the noise. They seemed to be very understanding actually. I got to bed late and woke up around 9. Today is full moon so we don't have yoga practice. I stayed in bed until lunch. I woke up and was very hungry. I had my muesli and reading time.

I have one roommate that wanted to hang out with me, & because I gave him my number he wrote me to ask me to go out. Today he knocked on my door insistingly... And sent me a few messages. I replied to him I was sleeping and that I don't want him to knock on my door. Even though it was 2 pm. I stayed in my room until he went to work at around 4.

It is absolutely very important to have boundaries when you are living with other people. Otherwise, they might just bother you without even knowing.

I went to the beach before that. The weather was perfect for surfing. There were a lot of people though under the palms reading books and laying, sleeping, relaxing. I felt very good. I saw 2 surfers only. One of them caught a great wave. It's the first time I am seeing it live. In a few weeks I will try it for the first time with Dayana, my bulgarian friend here.

Another roommate, R has a birthday today, so I made him a card. It was nice because I got to do a little bit of my practice of writing.

Tonight, I am going on a party with my roommates. It is a special place somewhere here in the mountains. I am tired but also curious about it. The party will continue until 4 am. I am waiting for us to go soon by taxi.
I have my earplugs with me. This always helps me to enjoy a party without having to deal with the after effect of ruining my ears. I drank only beers and water. This helped me stay hydrated and still a bit up. I enjoyed very much that we were a group of friends there. It is nice to see familiar faces in the crowd. On the way back I found 5 euro on the ground. I am lucky!

15.09, Sunday
Today I woke up early, I didn't go to yoga because I was feeling a bit tired already. I went to Málaga free tour at 11. These tours are never "free" but based on donation. However, so far when I have been to free tours they never have set a price at the beginning. This tour guy did. So he said, usually a guide would charge a person 20 euro for this information, but estimated price is 10 euro. But at the end we decide because this is Málaga Free Tour. It is interesting how he prepared us from the beginning for this. At the end I felt like I have no choice but to give him 10. And I saw everybody else giving 10. Anyways, I learned new things about Málaga and Spain.
Then I went back home to take siesta. I was very tired at 1 pm already, I slept only 3,4 hours. And today is a hotter day somehow. So at 11 was already very warm. Even the evening was 23 degrees.