a non_profit design festival in Andalucía, Spain
Joan Quirós at Telmö Dice
Joan is a calligrapher, letterer and graphic designer based in Valencia, Andalucía.
After his degree in Graphic Design, he rediscovered another passion for letters that led
him to study from well-known masters & increase his knowledge.
8 hour script lettering workshop
The1st part of the class started with a presentation where Joan explained some techniques for drawing the letters, +choosing the right style 4 your word
which u can discover only by trying
many versions

1st u might need a baseline
if u want inclination, draw lines that will guide u, for consistency of the angle
Start with a word. What meaning or feeling do u want to convey? By knowing the history of the fonts u can make a better decision. By understanding the characteristics of the letters & the styles u can use that to reinforce your message.

we r meditating
We had to try writing it in different ways + exploring different styles until we find the right one.

Everybody was absorbed in the drawing.

Once you find the style, you can make it bigger + work on the details.
Work on the spacing, play with rhythm.

The aim is the style you choose to reinforce the message of the word.

my result