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Typoclass 3.0

Typoclass, powered by Typofest, is a type design 2-week intense camp for people passionate about calligraphy, lettering, + typography. It offers the unique opportunity to boost your knowledge + skills + community. Last year I participated in the 3rd edition of Typoclass.

One of the best parts for me is the international exchange the workshop offers and the community it creates. During the camp, I made lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. Those led me to other Type networking events like Málaga Type and Telmö Dice.
During the workshops, you immerse yourself in the learning process & after 2 days, time is not existing as you know it – you completely surrender to the creation of letters. Glyph dreams occur, too. The professionals offer practical know-how and in-depth techniques to start or improve your existing knowledge.

In June, a student contest was announced with 2 free places. I was excited to take part in the 3rd edition of Typoclass.
In 2019 in the university, I got passionate about calligraphy + discovered the power of letters through many hours of dedicated writing practice. Throughout the year I was looking for events, workshops, and conferences related to type design to level up my knowledge. This is how I learned about Typofest and got in contact with Boril Karaivanov, the organiser of the event, early during the year.

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Everything was arranged and carefully planned by Boril, all the transportation logistics, the accommodation, the food. I remember a very warm welcome in the museum village Bozhentsi and around 16 new faces. The language of the program is English. We were a mixed group of Bulgarians, Russians, Austrians, Belgians, Chinese... a few of us were students but we all had a certain experience.
Bozhentsi, a beautiful museum village, far away from the city noise & the daily distractions
Part 1: Introduction to typeface with Veronika Burian
During 5 days, we did a lot of work. Starting with some theory, basics and analogue sketches, each 1 of us had to explore the DNA of a typeface using pen and paper within certain parameters. That was the first time I ever drew letters for a font.
After a lot of corrections & deciding on some details, we moved to digitising what we had. My struggle was real! First type I made was with more condensed proportions. I decided not to make my project too complicated and stick with a no-contrast, sans serif typeface. There were more experienced people in the group and it was interesting to observe their projects too. Veronika gave a lecture about Diacritics, and how bad placement can lead to bad legibility.
On the digitising part, Rainer was there to initiate the introduction to the program. I remember my confusion, I had no choice but to follow. It was uncomfortable not understanding everything. Nevertheless, Boril was always very helpful and never hesitated to explain what was unclear at the end of the day.

For the final project of week 1, we had to pick our favourite letter and to present it creatively, analogically, together with our new typeface. I picked the Bulgarian letter, Я, because it is a unique one, and different from the Latin R. I used a combo of black & white paper, and the shadow the interplay between them.

End of the workshop, we were all happy with the results, after 5 intense days of learning, exploring, practicing and delivering. Most of us were going to stay, but a significant part of the group left on Saturday.
Day Off: Veliko Tarnovo
It was a great day to visit Veliko Tarnovo on Sunday and gather inspiration from this richly historical city. It was a bonding experience and a good way to prepare us for Typoclass: part II.
Part 2: Glyphs App in-depth
Glyphs App in-depth workshop with Rainer Scheichelbauer - a funny, down to earth person, easy to communicate with, always willing to help, he makes the learning process look like a game. Whatever Rainer explains looks easy and fun to do. Even technical and not so interesting parts of the type design work like Hinting. He has a way of holding the attention thanks to his long experience of teaching.
I remember not being sure if I should take the workshop with Rainer because I assumed it will be too advanced for my level. However, my parents supported me, and I stayed. And the real work began.
New week - new project. With Rainer, we started from 0.

Monday, the whole classroom was changed. Now it felt like school. We all started a sans serif font but each one was different. The goal was: To have a finished typeface by the end of the week, with multiple masters, interpolated.

We made a complete Variable font family - work for 3, 4 months.

in 5 days we learned:
multiple masters
variable fonts
open type features
My mind was blown by the speed and the quality of the information I was receiving.

It was hard to get us out of the classroom. Sometimes Boril had to "kick us" out for lunch.. making us clap our hands, stand up.. to get away from the computers.
After breakfast, we were in the school. Then lunch, quick coffee at the Sweet shop.. back to type, then dinner. Nobody wanted to rest after, so we were all working after the day was done. The energy and vibe were great.

Late night working hours...
In the breaks between, we tried some mental exercises, stretchings...
And we had a movie night, about happiness + type.
And my favourite joke.. I like your S!
photo credits: Rosina Pencheva

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