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Title: Inspired by
The Treachery of Images
by René Magritte
An Infographic exploring Objects of Art, inspired by the Readymade movement. "The Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp was the first 'object' that introduced the concept. A piece, so shocking, revolutionising + controversial, that it changed the face of ART forever. It inspired Surrealists, Pop Artists, Conceptual artists, etc.
The task was to create an infographic on an 'absurd', 'ridiculous' or 'unconventional' topic. For me, art has always been a source of inspiration. Nowadays the topic of art is a bit of 'taboo'. Some say 'everything is art'. The line is blurred. But not really. Marcel Duchamp's revolutionised the world of art with his ideas on ready-mades. And inspired some great works of art, and some, not so great.
In Duchamp's manifesto ready-mades are 'ordinary objects that could be elevated to the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of the artist'.
Everything started with investigation, a lot of reading and gathering information. After I had all I needed, I had to visualise the information in a simple way. So made a timeline.
Now that I arranged the information in my head, I proceeded to think about a composition.
I color-coded the artistic movements.
But for a better recognition and differentiation in the timeline, I changed them by combining them in periods, the modernist one consists of warmer colors, the post-modernist with cooler ones.
Color was also distributed on the map that aims to show where the movements appeared.
Last but not least I added information on the most expensive artworks from the listed ones, as well as most influential, according to this source.
Some of these objects I have seen during my travels. Like the 'Indestructible object' by Man Ray, in Reina Sofia, some 'Brillo Boxes' by Andy Warhol, in Berardo Museum, another version of the Lobster Telephone, by Salvador Dali, again in Berardo.
Hope you like my article. And please, don't hesitate to share your thoughts with me.
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