a neutral typeface designed for software use & long screen reading

Neutra Sans

A font supposed to stand the test of time.
Neutra Sans is a neutral humanist sans-serif typeface based on 5 system fonts:
Android: Roboto; Windows: Segoe; Mac: San Francisco; Mozilla Firefox: Fira Sans;
IBM: IBM Plex.

It's use is intended for program interfaces, softwares, web applications & the main content. It is suitable for long screen reading, thanks to its larger x-height, higher ascenders, medium width, no contrast, no serifs.

It is inspired & based on Kai Bernau's graduation project "Neutral" for the Typographic Design Course at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.
A typeface that is not a subject to short-termed changes, to trends.
"The essence of typography is not in the style but in the content."
- Helmut Schmidt.
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