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works that look beyond COVID-19

It’s coexistence or no existence, Bertrand Russell said it right.

Existence is the state & expression of harmonious coexistence. By living we learn to coexist. We coexist and we learn to live. It is the underlying law of the universe.

Our lives changed fundamentally. For better or worse. While many people lost their jobs, nature took a rest from us. The world almost stopped. What is this about, I was asking myself? We cannot continue living at the expense of the other. How do we meet poverty when a few have everything? How can we face the religious wars? The political madness? Racism? A step back is required. Or maybe a few.

How can we be more compassionate, considerate, tolerant? Not just in words but in actions.

The change starts within.

Since last year I live in Spain. The lockdown here was tough. In the two months of isolation, I was 3 weeks only by myself. I felt like on a Vipassana meditation, with the difference there was no one else around. For the first time in my life, I deeply understood the “need” of the other. After this time of isolation, I cherish and appreciate human contact more. We are not meant to live in isolation. We need each other.

The world today is fragmented in societies, classes, religions. We face wars, competitions, conflicts, intolerance, racism, fear, hatred, world crisis.
I feel more than ever we must embrace diversity, pursue equality, recognize the interdependence between people, & address conflicts with understanding and compassion. Every conflict in the world is a reflection of the personal conflict inside.

By valuing the importance of coexistence, we generate more kindness and tolerance towards others. By understanding this, we can reconcile ego and common sense. The living example of people & communities in coexistence will be the inspiration for more to follow.

The change starts within.
So, what will you change today?