How, when, why Erasmus?

The pleasure of Erasmus doesn't begin when you start your Erasmus. It starts much earlier, on the day you decide you're doing it. For me it was the Summer of 2018.
I remember looking at my options at the Erasmus page. I wanted to go somewhere I knew the language and not be restricted by it. I was triggered by the idea to study in a new one, as well. I studied English all my life, French I learned in high school and Spanish was always the most desired language for me, but it wasn't a priority. Now is my chance!

There has always been something that attracted me to Spain and the Spanish culture. A decision was made - I started learning it again by myself and after I prepared myself for a few months, I enrolled in a Spanish course in the beginning of 2019.
Why did I apply for the autumn 2019 when I already knew in 2018 that I wanted to go?
I needed time to learn Spanish and to prepare myself mentally. I applied for the autumn semester in order to have the option to make my stay longer. Erasmus students can go on mobility for 6-12 months for studies. As it is my last year in university, I would like to take the most of the program. If I was to apply for the sping semester, I would've been able to stay only for that one.
Why you want to study the language of the country you are going to be living?
It is all about connection. Languages will open your mind, your world will unfold. It is a real gift to be able to communicate with people in their own language. You will meet people you would not communicate with otherwise. You will make friendships. Your knowledge of your own language will grow as well. No matter where you are, knowing the language makes you a local and you get included in the communities more easily. It is a desirable advantage.
September, 2019

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