the day after malaga type

Day 2: Saturday
Lettering and Networking

The lettering that Rainer Scheichelbauer started on Thursday continued on Saturday, 26 October at café bar Al Grano, Málaga. There were more than 6 people working on the signs and menu of the café.
I made my first lettering sign.

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer, Lettering, Málaga
Málaga Type, look what you did to us! Saturday was a beautiful day to make letters. I went to the same meeting point for letters - café Al Grano. I was there at 13. The vibe was amazing! I saw the progress from the other day when Rainer wrote Sugerencias on the wall. My hands were itching.
I had to do something too! Of course, being surrounded by these amazing people I felt both shy and motivated. But I wanted to try!

I shared my desire to write as well and I was given immediately pen and paper. With excitement. Make a sketch first, they said. To know what I am doing. I had to write Tapas Caseras(Homemade Tapas). Ok. So I found my pen and started sketching. The initial sketch was very small. I should've sketched it bigger. To imagine how it will look. I was a bit unsure about what I am doing. I was just doing it. After a few people came and looked at me with encouragement, I was sure I should continue. Meanwhile, Raul Campuzano was making a Sketch of me, drawing. He had made sketches of everybody, working.

Lora Shtirkova Lettering, Málaga, Raul Campuzano
Drawing by
Raul Campuzano
On the sign, I marked the letters with a pencil. To be sure of where everything is going to be. Then, I started with the marker. It was obvious I was a bit unsure. When you are writing letters, it is always obvious by the way the letters are written. Or the time it takes. Rodolfo, known also for his Rolfpens, came to me and whispered:
El secreto es no tener miedo.
The secret is to not fear.
— Rolfpens
Exactly what I needed to hear in this moment. So I continued. With more confidence and trust in myself. Everything related to letters is about practice, discipline, trust, confidence, persistence.
Lora Shtirkova Lettering, Málaga
Just before we left
the cafe
I was half done with my sign when everybody offered to go to a place on the beach for lunch. Before we go, we took a picture, all of us. Such a pleasure to be where I am!
Just before we left
the cafe
I was half done with my sign when everybody offered to go to a place on the beach for lunch. We took a Taxi from the place around 4 and we took off somewhere on the coast line, away from the centre. The drive was really beautiful on the way there. I felt so lucky and in flow. It was a sunny and warm day. We found ourselves surrounded by more of the designer kind. It was such a pleasure be on one table with these inspiring people from the Spanish design community. Talking about design, letters, type, future conferences.

I met some of the editors of great typographic magazine and blog like Gràffica, and the creators of Jardin de Monos, editorial house based in Málaga. Such great things happening thanks to Malaga Type for bringing designers, type lovers and typographers in one conference.
Just before we left
the cafe
The meeting continued in a bar in the sea, with a beautiful view of the sunset. I stayed for a tonic and then I left around 7. I went back home inspired and excited. I was part of a new community!
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