my lockdown story
Send me your story, dream or realisation from the lockdown, if it vibes with me i'll make it into a comic or illustration!
Pandemic in Spain, 50+ days of strict lockdown, home became our safe land. for 21 days I was alone, just with one cat. I have always liked to spend time with myself. However, without any other contact, my experience was tougher than I thought. But also very rewarding. I compare my experience to a Vipassana meditation. (Vipassana means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation).

Releasing pain, sadness, suffering, expectations, identification with the past.
The most empowering thing you can ever do with your life is to say yes to the things you fear. When you conquer a fear, you can't help but admire yourself. Pick something you want to do or need to do, but feel afraid to act. Say yes and do it.

Freedom is a state of mind, not a state of being. it is a choice. a responsibility. a powerful VERB. something to practice every day. letting go, sounds easier than it is. I do struggle with this like everybody. we are slaves to gravity & morality, our bodies cannot know absolute freedom, but our minds can. at least can try.

Once we realize we are writing our own story, there is only question that remains. Will you choose to come alive?
very happy with my #printed #lockdown story
it is next to my bed to remind me of how beautiful life is

available on prints & cards!
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